21% Off Timex One GPS+ Watch

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Not to be outdone,  Timex is throwing their hat into the ring with their latest fitness smart watch, the Timex Ironman One GPS+. Yes, the name is that long. Timex introduces a watch that fits inline with the Suunto Ambit3, Garmin fenix3 and Garmin Vivoactive. It includes a slew of features such as built-in 3G service, GPS and bluetooth. This is probably the first watch you could take out and leave the phone behind because having to run with your phone paired to your watch for 10 miles is not my idea of fun.

Timex Ironman One GPS+ Watch

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Here is the fully list of features:


Let’s face it. There are times when we want to travel light, carry the bare minimum, hit the road and go. What if you could leave your phone behind and stay connected? Simplify your active life and become truly mobile. Introducing Timex IRONMAN ONE GPS+. Your run, your tunes, your messaging, without your phone.

No Phone Required

Yes, we’re serious. This is not another smartwatch that shows messages when in proximity to your mobile phone. You can actually receive messages and send replies (customized or pre-set—it’s your choice) miles away from your phone, because the technology is built into the watch itself. Incoming message about a change in dinner plans—no problem, you can see that. Maybe you don’t like the restaurant choice—no problem, you can send a message back. And if you’re in a more serious situation, Timex IRONMAN ONE GPS+ has built in SOS messages that can be sent to pre-designated contacts, along with a map that shows your location. And for those times when you want to be followed—whether it’s for your spouse’s peace of mind during your long run, or when you have fans cheering you on during a race—we have Find Me and Live Tracking features. All of this is possible with 1-year AT&T wireless data service included. If you want to renew your plan after a year, simply add the device to your plan or create a new plan with AT&T. If you don’t, you’ll still have a feature- packed fitness watch with GPS and a music player built-in.


Music makes everything better, which is why we built it right into the watch. It’s as easy as drag and drop, and you can add around 1000 songs (4 GB) to your Timex IRONMAN ONE GPS+ watch, and then wirelessly connect it to any Bluetooth headset. If you always workout to music, you can choose to have your tunes kick in automatically whenever you start a run. If you want to listen to music on the beach without getting your phone sandy, wirelessly connect your watch to Bluetooth speakers and enjoy. Even more reasons to leave your phone at home, and get everything you need with the Timex IRONMAN ONE GPS+.

More Than Just Good Looks

The Timex IRONMAN ONE GPS+ is the first watch to feature a Qualcomm Mirosol display. The display is always on—so you don’t have to wake it up to get the time—and the vibrant colors become even stronger in sunlight making it ideal (?) for outdoor use. The touchscreen is water and sweat-resistant, so you can swipe through workouts with ease, and it works with gloves too, for those months when there is a chill in the air. The durable and lightweight watch design is comfortable on the wrist, and was constructed to be 50-meter water resistant to survive rain and swims.

Built for Working Out

Last but certainly not least, the Timex IRONMAN ONE GPS+ watch is a serious performance tool. Built-in Instafix GPS will find satellites incredibly fast and lock into a GPS signal to provide real-time distance and pace on your wrist. If you want to do intervals—whether a run/walk routine or a speed workout—you can get alerts based on time or distance, and customize the routine and labels. You can connect the watch to a Bluetooth Smart heart rate monitor and foot pod sensors to track effort and cadence, and audible/vibrating pace and heart rate alerts can help monitor your progress during a workout. And for those runs that show the most progress, ONE GPS+ will alert you to personal records. When you’re done with your workouts, you can wirelessly upload to leading fitness sites (such as Strava, MapMyFitness and Runkeeper) and even post to social media using the built-in mobile connection.

Fitness App Compatibility – upload your data wirelessly to your favorite fitness apps.

Additional Features/ Tech Specs

  • Auto sync data to your computer via 3G connectivity
  • Auto Stop/Start
  • Auto Lap/Split
  • Vibrating and Audible Alerts based on:
    • Pace/Speed
    • Time/Distance
    • Heart Rate Zone
  • Bluetooth sensor compatibility – foot pods, heart rate monitors, headphones and speakers
  • Notifications will alert user of personal records (longest run, fastest mile, etc.)
  • One year of AT&T mobile data service included. Features will vary by market
  • 10 customizable interval timers
  • Customizable Screens
  • 8-hour Li-Ion battery life in full GPS and cellular-connected mode
  • 4-hour Li-Ion battery life in full GPS with cellular-connected and music player
  • 72-hour Li-Ion battery life in standby mode
  • Case Size: 50mm
  • Case Thickness: 15.7mm
  • Case Weight: 71 grams
  • Display Size: 1.5”
  • Display Resolution: 288 X 192
  • Touch Screen Display
  • GPS-enabled
  • 50m Water Resistant (GPS reception and cellular service unavailable in water)
  • INDIGLO night light


  • Built-in connection to mobile network enables phone-free messaging, live tracking and convenient upload with 1-year AT&T service plan included
  • Insta-fix GPS provides fast and accurate distance and pace
  • Built-in MP3 player can connect tunes to your wireless Bluetooth headset (not included)
  • Always-on, touchscreen Qualcomm Mirasol display provides brilliant resolution inside or out
  • 50-meter water resistance, so you can splash and swim worry-free – GPS reception and cellular services not available with watch in water

Photo Credit: Amazon