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American Airlines Pay Raises Coming To 30,000 Workers

Rejoice, American Airlines Pay Raises

In December of 2014, American Airlines merged with U.S. Airways, but the merger took place a year earlier in 2013. It was then that a lot of the heavy lifting began. The two independent unionized workforces, Transport Workers Union and the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, joined, becoming the TWU-IAM. During this time of reorganization and future planning, many considerations were taken into account to ensure that employees receive fair wages and benefits while not bankrupting the company coffers. It was not until December 2015 that the TWU-IAM was able to negotiate single contracts for their members and less than a year later they have a way forward.

American Airlines Pay Raises

The Transport Workers Union (TWU) and the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM), also known as the TWU-IAM Association have arrived at an interim agreement that provides maintenance and other employees of American Airlines pay raises. This pay raise is in the double digits. Amazing work to all of those involved.

“We are pleased to reach this innovative and unprecedented agreement with the Association, which will provide immediate and significant pay increases for 30,000 of American’s more than 100,000 team members. With 12 diverse workgroups represented by the Association, reaching a single agreement for this specific set of co-workers is taking longer than any of us anticipated. Today’s interim agreement is unique, and thanks to the experienced leadership of Association Chair Sito Pantoja, Association Vice Chair Harry Lombardo, and two extremely motivated and capable negotiating committees, we have joined together (sic) to put the interests of our co-workers and Association members first. We will continue to work toward a single agreement that accommodates the unique needs of each of these diverse groups, and remain committed to reaching that single agreement as quickly as we can.”Robert Isom, Chief Operating Officer for American.

The best part is that the American Airlines pay raises go into effect immediately. Hopefully, this does not translate into increased rates for passengers.

Only time will tell.

Source: American Airlines, American Airlines and TWU-IAM Association Reach Interim Agreement on Pay Increases for 30,000 Ground Employees