Apple Acquires Glimpse, Health Data Startup

Apple Acquires Glimpse To Expand It’s Health Data Portfolio

You may remember the teenage health heartthrob startup from 2015, no, I’m not talking about Doogie Howser, I’m talking about Gliimpse. Founded by former Apple engineer and entrepreneur Anil Sethi. This little startup has big dreams to conquer the ridiculous mess the medical industry has made of our personal health data. With a little funding and technical know-how, Sethi has managed to take medical records from across thousands of hospitals, consolidate them and produce an end-product that is easily digestible for both physician and patient.

I know, I sound like their PR guy and to some extent, I’ve drunk the digital Kool-Aid. Although I missed out on getting an invitation code late last year, I firmly believe in what they are trying to do. If anyone from Gliimpse is listening, I wouldn’t be against getting an invite code. Just sayin’.

Apple Acquires Glimpse

It looks like we have a ‘glimpse’ into Apple’s personal health data plans with the acquisition of the 2013 startup Gliimpse.

As it is with any Apple acquisition, details are scarce, and their standard press release will be along the lines of always looking at opportunities to acquire companies yada, yada, yada.

Apple Acquires Glimpse

Who Is Gliimpse?

Here is what they say about themselves, directly from their website.

We’re a well-heeled team of self-funded entrepreneurs with deep roots in the business of healthcare, technology and building successful ventures. From Apple to SAP, Salesforce to Microsoft plus eight startups, three exits and an IPO, we’re seasoned veterans. Our CEO’s Kaiser project helped improve millions of patient’s lives by radically automating their access to data. This time, we’re aiming higher than affecting a few million people – we want all 317 million people in America to liberate their health by liberating their data.

What’s a Gliimpse?

A Gliimpse is your health story. We help you collect your medical data from web portals, then help organize it into an easily shared and understood health story. Your personal story adds color to your health data, like “hey doc, that migraine med makes me feel dizzy.” You control your Gliimpse by using your portal username and password, and we download and organize your personal health data from over 1500+ US health systems, pharmacies and labs on your behalf.

What is a Gliimpse useful for?

For second opinions, family members helping coordinate care, or donating your data to find cures. Your Gliimpse combines your health data from across all of your health care providers. Then you can securely share the data in your Gliimpse with friends, family, caregivers and physicians giving them a single, shared view of your entire health history. With more insight into your personal health history, you and those caring for you are empowered to make better decisions.

How can I share my Gliimpse with my doctor or members of my care team?

It’s as simple as entering the names and email address of those you want to share your Gliimpse with, selecting how much control and visibility you want them to have and pressing “Share my Gliimpse. After receiving your share invitation (via email), and following a few simple steps, they will be able to logon and view what you have shared with them. Only the people whom you have explicitly granted share access will be able to view your Gliimpse profile.

If my Gliimpse is free, how does Gliimpse make money?

Gliimpse was founded on the core principle that consumers should be able to access and securely share their health data with those they trust. A basic personal Gliimpse is free for users.

Gliimpse makes money from our health care enterprise partners — providers, payors, app developers — who leverage our value-added capabilities and solutions that they will offer to consumers for better care coordination, greater patient engagement and improved population health.

What steps does Gliimpse take to protect my privacy?

We take your privacy seriously. Our privacy policy explains how we protect your personal information and how we use that information in connection with our services offered throughout the site. “Personal information” for purpose of this policy means information that identifies you such as your name, address, phone number, fax or email id. We regularly reexamine our privacy and security policies and adapt them as needed for new standards and regulations.

What Happens Now?

No one knows. The Internet may be ablaze with the news that Apple acquires Glimpse, but like most Apple acquisitions, they are quickly gobbled up for tech and talent. And although we know what Gliimpse’s current offerings are, it may look vastly different the time it rolls out to the public under the Apple ecosystem.