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Apple Macbook Sale, $300 Off

Rare, Out-of-Season Apple Macbook Sale

Call it a diamond in the rough, call it the light at the end of the laptop tunnel or just call it…maybe. Whatever the case, if you are one of few that held out over the holidays for a Macbook, you might be in luck. Right now Best Buy has an over to save $300 off an Apple Macbook. This isn’t the Macbook Air or the Macbook Pro, just the Macbook. They all cost a pretty penny in my opinion, but if taken care of they can last you a long time. I’m happily typing this up on my 17″ Macbook Pro. So old, but still chugging along.

apple macbook sale
Not a bad price or configuration. 256GB flash storage keeps it light, power-friendly and fast.

Prices start at $999 and go up to $1,299. Prices listed include the $300 discount.

Apple Macbook Sale? Why Now?

Typically vendors have several situations that they face and need to move inventory. This includes, but not limited to:

  • They have way too much in stock; let’s face it Macs are expensive so they need to cut the price to move them
  • There is a newer model on the horizon so they need to make room
  • Competition is cutting the price to everyone else follows suit
apple macbook sale
This version comes with double the storage. It also comes in grey, silver and gold.

Regardless of the economics behind the sale, it is a great reason to drop some cash on a Macbook if you are in the market for a new Macbook.

apple macbook sale