Bevel: 48 Hours Later

If I was famous I would consider endorsing this product or even just a quick name drop, but I am just an average Joe giving his opinion of a product and service that has added value to my quality of life…at least the last 48 hours worth. Now, if you are still with me and are curious to try this glorious upgrade to shaving bliss, feel free to save yourself $30 off the Bevel starter kit. Yes, I will possibly get a $30 credit as well.

After all the slick marketing, a glorious social media campaign, and a fairly short wait (shipping is pretty fast) I have my hands on the Bevel starter kit.

What Is In The Box?

The Bevel Starter Kit

There are a lot of necessary goodies in the kit:

  • Bevel Razor, it has a nice weight to it and you’ll feel a bit more classy just handling it
  • Shaving Brush, it is decent, but I have had hairs fall out of it with only two uses
  • Priming Oil, it didn’t make sense at first, but just after two uses, it is very important
  • Shaving Cream, self-explanatory
  • Restoring Balm, the literal icing on the shaving cake (purely not edible)
  • Razors, really thin, really sharp; use 1-2 times and replace

With all of that said my first 48 hours have been great. I took it for test drive Sunday night expecting to bleed out after a few seconds, but with a little patience and slow and steady gestures I was done and no blood! The shaving experience is not too different than mainstream shaving. There are a few more steps and I am still learning. For instance, how much is too little or too much? A nickel size is a good estimate, but I find that I have gone either under or over that to varying degrees. Beyond that, it is something that most people that shave can transition to.

Initial Results

So far, so good and like anything new, I have to break it in. To speak on just the two shaves, I have noticed a huge reduction in ingrown hair. That in itself is a relief. I know I still need to work on the angle, but I also want to shave the hair off and not my face. The only area I have a difficult time managing is that odd back corner of the jaw. For me, its like the Bermuda Triangle. I have swapped out the razor and will be ready for shave #3 coming up. After a week I will come back and you, the reader, know how it is going. Until then, happy shaving.