Bevel: Three-Week Follow Up

Bevel, the brilliant re-introduction to the safety razor, shaving simplicity, and style. If you are ready to upgrade your shave-style and give Freddy Krueger a break you can click here and get $30 off your first order and I will get a little off mine as well. Teamwork!

I am almost done with my 30-day trial and I have a few items of note.

Things I Like:

  • Customer Service: Not that I have had a problem with the product, just a few questions. I shot off an email and a response came within 24 hours. They even offered to set up a video conference if need be. My bank doesn’t even do that!
  • Instructional Videos: Even after years of slowly destroying my face with shoddy razors, magma-like hot water, and product solely made for my non-curly haired brothers, I am what the Internets would call a n00b at shaving. The instructional videos are great, especially the new one that covers getting that hard-to-reach jawline.
  • Tips to Get It Right: I like that Walker and Company keep engaged with their audience offering articles and tips.

Here are the ones they included in the support email. Yes, they answer your questions and then some:

1. Shaving either daily or every other day is strongly recommended, especially during the first four weeks.

2. Don’t apply any pressure at all to the razor, it’s weight will do the work for you. If you find that difficult to remember, try holding it closer to the end of the handle where it’s harder to apply pressure.

3. Take a little time to get the 30 degree angle down (helpful video below)

4. Shave with the grain. If you are prone to razor bumps or irritation,you will definitely want to avoid shaving against or across the grain. (video here)

5. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need any help. We can even setup a video conference if you need it.

What’s tricky for a lot of guys is the area under and around the chin/jawline and the neck. So, I’ve included a video on the correct way to handle these areas.

Things I Would Like to See:
How come I feel like 007 until I travel? We need a few travel case options that will not overtake our carry on like a pair of fashion headphones. Here are my recommendations:

  • Refillable travel tubes/bottles (must be durable, no cheap leaky bottles)
  • I do not know what it is called, but it is web-like and holds the bristles of makeup brushes, we need that when traveling with our applicator
  • A nice leather case when visiting the in-laws
  • A ballistic nylon for the adventurous
  • A simple plastic case for the budget-friendly

We need something to protect our investment. Make it so. Please.

Things I Need to Improve On:
30 degrees. I was never good in math or geometry so getting the 30° angle down just right is a lot harder than I thought. I even start at 90° (perpendicular to my face) and angle down 45°, and then estimate 30. I know I am not getting it right because I still have to go over some spots 2-3 times.

I think my Bevel needs a built-in level. That could be a rap lyric.

Is It Working?
In a nutshell, yes. My skin is probably 70% better. That number is my personal estimate and not scientific. Refer to my comment above about being bad at math. I still have a few in-grown hairs, but I gather that my face has been in the war on razors for so long that some hairs just don’t want to see the light. So I still get a few that will dig deep, ready for a barrage of 5-bladed fury that will not come.

What are your experiences with Bevel? Have you seen improvements? Do you have any recommendations? Let the world know in the comment section below.