Hitorishibai 2014

Bevel Shaving Kit: Why I Got It

Summary: This is not a review. Over the next four weeks I will be reporting on my change from the common razor to the Bevel experience. This is more of an explanation on why I am making the change. If you want to make that change (a MJ reference purely by chance) then click here to get a referral discount of $30.

First, the back story. I admit it, I was a late bloomer when it came to shaving. Blessed with the genes for naturally being clean-cut, I did not have to worry about shaving in my teens. In fact, I skipped most of my twenties without having to shave. This was great since I was raised by grandmothers and I did not want to sit down with them to talk about shaving. It was an era of joy for my face. And then one day it happened. Like a scraggly curse that took its time to mature, hair started to spring forward from my face as if to say “gotcha!” Of all the nerve! These fools hairs decided to rain on my parade. So what did I do? I shaved.

Now you know how awkward it can be to ask those little embarrassing questions that you really should ask, but you don’t as a kid? Image trying ask about something as simple as shaving as a 28 year-old. You would think that common sense would kick in when it comes to a novice raising a razor to his virgin skin, but no…I’m a man’s man. How hard could this be? Surely all those shaving commercials I ignored show you how its done. I will figure this out, at least that is what I told myself smugly. And you know what, I convinced myself way too easily, let’s do this. Nicks, cuts, wrong way, you name it. I think I could have rebuilt a space station using only a toothpick and matches better than I did shaving my first few months. It was basically a lesson in self-mutilation.

Razor Burn
Yeah, You Know the Feeling

Fast-forward to present day and the battle scars remain. Yes, after a few months I finally figured it out, but oh man did I pay the price. My shaving technique is much akin to a recovery scene from Fight Club and I have the scars, patches, and in-grown hair to prove it. It isn’t just me, there are thousands of us doing it wrong. We get sucked into the propaganda with a message of hot water, shaving gel with exotic ingredients, and a razor with 2-5 blades on it. And if you have straight hair, that’s all you need, but the rest of us, the short and curly, need something more…or less if we are talking blades.

A well-packaged kit.

What we need is to get off the straight and narrow, what we need is to round out the edges…we need to Bevel.

Now I know I sound like the Bevel hype-man, but that is far from the case. I had to pay my way into the club just like everyone else and there are plenty of reviews of Bevel’s product and service. Some good, some bad, some indifferent, but the best review is to try the product for yourself. Since my skin has been to razor hell and back I will subject myself to this experiment.

Scouring the Internets, I found a common set of pros and cons:

  • PRO: Durable and heavy razor
  • PRO: Priming oil is basically ‘da bomb
  • PRO: Makes you feel like James Bond (I made that one up, but when you see it you will understand)
  • CON: Subscription service is a bit costly to the average joe
  • CON: Some have issues pausing or canceling service
  • CON: The packaging is just so damn sexy you don’t want to throw the box away (I made this one up too, but its true)

In close, be on the look out for my transition report and if I will stick with it or not. Happy shaving.