Bevel Wish List

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Bevel Wish List

After a month of using the beloved Bevel shaving system. I have put together a short Bevel wish list:

  • A travel case for my razor and blades
    • Has to be TSA friendly, but still carry that Bevel feel
  • A travel-safe version of the bottles, especially the shaving cream one (30 or 60mL since a little goes a long way)
    • I just got the refills and although they can fill up the the smaller ones I kept, I am thinking something along the lines of human gear GoToob, but toned down a bit.
  • A refillable system; keep the small and highly recommended travel bottle and have larger ones to fill them (environmentally friendly)
    • After another month and getting the refills, I found out you can just fill the smaller ones with the larger bottles
    • Priming Oil 60mL
    • Restoring Balm 100mL
    • Shave Cream 100mL
  • The ability to order specific items as necessary
    • I have barely scratched the surface on my restoring balm, about 70% full
    • I am almost done with my priming oil, but have already received the larger versions

In review, Bevel is a safety razor system re-envisioned by Walker & Company, Inc. It’s a great system that is shipped to you complete with razors, priming oil, shaving cream and restoring balm. New to the world of safety razors? No worries, W&C have got you covered with an instruction booklet and videos on their website. If you are looking to try it out, you can save $30 off your initial purchase and I will get a little something back too; click here for more details.

Back to my list…what are your thoughts? Let me know below.