Dice Mobile Ticket Platform Grabs Additional Funding

Dice Mobile Ticket Platform Has No Booking Fees

Greetings readers. Have you ever wanted to rock away a star-studded Saturday with Britney Spears or spend a sun-drenched afternoon drumming it up with Drake? Well to darn bad, because the overpriced tickets had sold out three seconds before they were released. Buying concert tickets today is like trying to get HAL-2000 to open the door to let you get into your computer to buy the tickets that sold out.

I know, that is very frustrating.

Alright, enough tongue-in-cheek chit-chat. Let’s talk about the future. And that future is Dice.

What Is Dice?

The two-year-old London-based ticketing startup Dice touts their service as a live music discovery and mobile ticketing platform targeting the 16-39-year-old market (millennials). The utilize a mobile platform that generates a QR code, cuts out the middle man, eliminates booking fees and sadly, is only available in selected outlets in London.

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We create an electronic ticket that lives in your phone, sold to you fairly with No Booking Fees. DICE sells face value tickets with absolutely no catch.


We only ticket the best gigs, club nights, and festivals in your city. We’re all killer, no filler. Trust us to help you discover incredible live music.


DICE is 100% mobile. The ticket lives in your handset. No more paying to print your own ticket or losing it down the side of your sofa.

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DICE is 100% mobile meaning we are immune to touting software. DICE puts fans first, standing against secondary ticketing over the face value ticket price.


If you have a ticket to a sold out show you can return it to DICE for a full refund safe in the knowledge that ticket will go to another fan at face value.


Using the most up to date technology, DICE has the capacity to sell out Wembley Stadium in sixty seconds with no crashing, no spinning wheels, no stress.

The Good News

Dice successfully closed a $6 million Series A funding round led by Evolution Equity Partners. That brings their funding to almost $10 million. I am sure they will put all of that hard-earned dough to good use. And if they can’t think of anything, hire me, I’m your guy. Be advised there is a small retaining fee of $10 million.

Dice has built quite a formidable team; focusing on algorithms to fine-tune their digital offerings. They are taking significant steps forward to ensure that they just don’t push tickets, but to ensure they do it in a sustainable way; offering recommendations for the best concert experience for both concert-goer and artist.

We want to help you find the best gigs, clubs, and festivals, so we only list the best gigs, clubs and festivals. Our events list is curated, handpicked by a team of music experts with too many late nights on their CVs.

We’ve worked with incredible acts from Adele, Taylor Swift, Disclosure, and Skepta to newcomers who’ll be just as big in a few years, like Whitney, The Big Moon, SG Lewis, and Liss.

Music is at the heart of DICE and we want to help you discover more of the jaw dropping stuff that happens on your doorstep. That new DJ that every blog’s raving about? You’ll find her on DICE. The new band who play your local now but’ll be headlining festivals in three years? Check DICE. That stadium filler you adore whose tickets always sell out before you even find out the gig’s happening? You need us.Dice


I know that was more of a Dice 101 than it was about their funding per se, but I think I covered all my bases. Hopefully they expand their service or someone comes up with something similar in the US; we are drowning in fees!