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Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 Action Camera Launched, 4K

Garmin Announces The Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 Action Camera

First. I want one. So if there is a generous PR rep from the Olathe Crew, I’m here for you. Heck, you can even save on postage and include the Garmin fenix Chronos as an added bonus. You can’t blame me for trying right?

For years I was tempted by the digital action cam beast, but common sense won me over. Well, no more ladies and gentlemen. I finally have a reason to throw caution to the wind. Much to the chagrin of friends and family, I now have a reason to start looking for reasons to parachute from helicopters again. Call me giddy.

Garmin announced a radically redesigned version of its Virb action camera; the Garmin Virb Ultra 30. They stuff this little technological wonder with innovation:

  • voice control
  • 4k UHD video support
  • 3-axis optical image stabilization
  • live-streaming
  • use the touchscreen with or without the case
  • high-sensitivity microphone with our without the case

Do you want a little more?

Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 Does It All And More

It was a simple video, but it answers a lot of questions and shows off the features that put it ahead of the pack. Amazing, right?

The release of an updated action camera is part of a larger shift by Garmin to diversify it’s product portfolio from the traditional Garmin ground and aviation GPS offerings; which is almost an industry standard. Similar to other companies, Garmin aggressively entered the activity and fitness trackers, action cameras and dash cameras.

I say, bravo! The market has cooled off over the last two years. Jawbone had a lukewarm release of the Jawbone UP3 and UP4, plagued with quality and app stability issues. Action camera giant GoPro hasn’t released an update since 2014.

Shooting rich Ultra HD video at 4K/30fps or securing slow motion video at 720p/240fps, is complimented by the action camera’s ability to capture crisp still photos using 12MP. In addition, smooth 3-axis image stabilization maintains steady footage regardless of the terrain. The VIRB Ultra 30 accepts one microSD card4 and includes a high-sensitivity microphone that records every breathtaking moment – even when the action camera is secured in the included waterproof5 case. The easy-to-use LCD color touchscreen was also designed to work in and out of the waterproof case to let users customize their settings and easily view what is being recorded. Furthermore, the waterproof case features a water-repellant, anti-glare coated lens to capture crystal clear video in water environments and more.Garmin Ltd.

Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 Action Camera
I can’t do this, but I’m willing to try and possibly fail in full 1080p glory at 120fps.

I Want One!

Of course you do. So do I. Amazon has a 30-day exclusive with the Garmin VIRB Ultra 30, you can purchase it here for $499 USD (affiliate links support the site).


I would like to see the competition’s response to this upgraded technological shot across the bow. How will they respond to the Garmin VIBR Ultra? Will it be comparable? Garmin has thrown down the gauntlet. Who will rise to the challenge? Sony? GoPro? Contour? Kodak? What are your thoughts?