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In Real Life: Coin Card Smart Payment Device

I’m traveling through Georgia this weekend and wanted to post a semi-quick update on my experience with the Coin card, a universal smart card, at check-in at the Marriott Marquis in downtown Atlanta.

A Quick Review

The Coin card is a universal credit card. You use it to combine all of your credit and debit cards into one. You can load up to eight (8) onto the card, but can have an unlimited amount of card loaded on the mobile app. So, instead of carrying around multiple cards as I mentioned here, you can carry around just one.

Or, play it safe and carry at least one back-up.

coin card
All said and done, I was able to settle into a room with a great view of downtown Atlanta.

My Coin Card Experience: Marriott Marquis Atlanta

First, to be up-front, I knew I might run into some trouble as I have had always had an inconsistent experience with Marriott properties when it comes to checking in. Sometime I need to show my card on file, sometimes I don’t. I usually go to the same properties when I travel so you would think that I would know what to expect.

That’s hardly the case.

I can go to the same property four weekends in a row and be asked to show my card half the time.

Well, today, knowing full well that I don’t know what to expect I checked-in to the Marriott Marquis Atlanta. I showed my ID and initially thought I was in the clear as he generated my keys (odd, I got a message stating my keys were ready for pick-up via the Marriott mobile app). And then things got awkward.

He asked for the card with the last four digits that were on the reservation. I pulled out my Coin card, selected my Marriott Rewards Visa and handed it over to him. He looked at it, perplexed (that was expected), but he saw the last four digits matched and swiped it.

It didn’t take.

Swipe number two.


Swipe number three.

Okay, this is getting frustrating.

Swipe number four.

Is this thing a scam?!

I have to give him credit, he swiped two more times before informing me that he was having troubles. He asked for some assistance from a co-worker to see if they could accept the Coin card since it was not going through. The energetic co-worker asked to take a picture of it just in case they had a problem later. No problem, its just the last four and the newer version of Coin does not have the number imprinted on it. The co-worker was not familiar with Coin, but at least with the concept of the card and technology. He went to get his manager.

The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

At the last minute, I remembered that the app does show the entire card number. I quickly loaded it and showed him the full number to type in. By then, there were three Marriott employees assisting me. Finally, they were in agreement that since the room was already pre-authorized and charged to my Visa that I was good to go. Keep in mind that he had already given me my key card.

I think being a Gold Elite might have helped.


Coin works, but there are some vendors/locations that might be running older card readers and/or software that doesn’t take the Coin card. Why didn’t I just use Apple or Samsung Pay? Because they didn’t support any NFC payments so it was basically old school credit card or nothing.

Will I continue to use it? You bet’cha! It’s slimmed my wallet down considerably and the security of knowing that I’m the only one that can use it is comforting.

Oh, a big shout-out to the Marriott Marquis Atlanta staff for putting up with my Coin shenanigans. I’m glad they remained flexible and professional. I know it can be hard in a world of scams and gimmicks to verify who is legitimate, but they came through with flying colors.

Interested In Coin?

You can purchase the Coin card via Amazon and support this site at the same time.

  • A secure smart device that holds up to 8 cards
  • Swipe or tap to pay at millions of merchants, (80%+ compatibility and growing)
  • Enhanced security with Auto-Unlock & Last Known Location
  • To verify identify, a Social Security Number is required.