Jawbone UP3 Update

I hope you were not expecting good news.

Over the past four months, I have mentioned the Jawbone UP3 here and on Twitter. It has become the digital equivalent of a unicorn. We know they exist, its just that no one has ever seen one. That said, TechCrunch just published an article with a little bit more industry insight stating:

According to a Jawbone spokesperson, the company is having issues maintaining quality when scaling the manufacturing up to the levels it needs to bring the device to market. The UP3 devices built during small test runs work, according to this person.

Predictable, the spokesperson professed that quality is of the utmost importance to Jawbone and the company wants to get the product right. The company hopes to announce a ship date soon.Matt Burns (TechCrunch)

I am not in charge of a multi-million dollar tech company, but if I could guess, I am pretty sure a product release does not happen over 4-5 months. More to the fact, not only has Jawbone upset their existing consumer base, but they have also missed the boat watching direct and indirect competitors, such as the Garmin Fenix 3, the Fitbit Charge (currently on back order by one week), the Withings Activité and the Withings Activité Pop, ship on-time. Even the tech giant Microsoft is failing to ship the Band.

In other news, there is rumor that Google wants to invest in the company. While I am not a fan of Google running everything, privacy aside, Jawbone may need the help. Heck, even the Moto 360 is getting a customization option.

What are your thoughts? Have you pulled the trigger and ordered a Jawbone Up3 or are you waiting for the reviews to come out first?

Me? I am waiting on a test/demo model that will never happen. Plan B, wait for the reviews now that I know it is a question of quality.

Photo Credit: Jawbone