K-Cup Sustainability

This is one of those posts that started out with good intent and then just went all cray, cray.

With all the articles on how to score some great, but sometimes pricey coffee from Starbucks coupled with the fact that 99% of my tea consumption is from home, I thought I would look into writing about home coffee brewing alternatives. My search immediately pulled up a variety of articles on Starbucks products (maybe I should remove Starbucks from the search next time) and Keurig’s K-Cup.

Keurig K-Cup, What Is It?

In short, it is a prepackaged single-serving beverage brewing system. Each cup contains both filter and product necessary to make one cup. The entire system was created to create a consistent beverage in a convenient manner.

From there, things took a horrible turn.

Innovation vs. Sustainability

I was interested in these little cups, but my education took a turn while diving a little deeper. I found a few recent articles on Keurig that were not what I expected. This article from CNET and this one from The Motley Fool piqued my interest. Apparently all that convenience is turning into a multiple single servings of regret from the inventor, John Sylvan.

“I feel bad sometimes that I ever did it, it’s like a cigarette for coffee, a single-serve delivery mechanism for an addictive substance.”

“No matter what they say about recycling, those things will never be recyclable. The plastic is a specialized plastic made of four different layers.”
John Sylvan speaking to The Atlantic

Ouch. Quickly after reading that, I stopped doing my research for my article. Just grab a pot, a filter (made of recycled content if possible) and run some hot water over it. Now I wonder how sustainable are all those little tea bags…time to pull out the infuser.

Lighten up your non-sustainable, containerized coffee mood with a little entertainment.

Photo Credit: Breakfvst