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Man Staging Hong Kong Airport Bomb Hoax Arrested

Argument Leads To Hong Kong Airport Bomb Hoax

Listen folks. We all have our moments when passions run high, and it’s hard to let off the throttle in this rocketship I like to call the emotional rollercoaster. Personally, when things are on the rocks, I just add a bit more Scotch. And remember what happened to Fred when he was trying to board his flight to Boca?


Nevertheless, and all jokes aside, we have got to put a kibosh to bomb threats. It’s nothing to take lightly or use as a way to appease our less-then-sensible nature when we are distraught.

Police arrested a 41-year-old Hong Kong man for allegedly making three false reports of bombs at Hong Kong International Airport to stop his girlfriend from leaving.

The report states the first false bomb claim was made at 4 pm on Saturday from the man’s mobile phone. The man called again, 40 minutes later from an airport shop and the third 10 minutes after that from a pay phone. The police search turned up nothing.

The suspect was found in a restaurant in the airport terminal after authorities traced the phone numbers used to make the calls and examined airport security footage.

Thankfully, no one was harmed, no explosives found and airport operations were not interrupted.

Source: South China Morning Post, Man arrested for staging bomb hoax at Hong Kong International Airport to stop girlfriend’s flight