Marriott Starwood Merger Finalized June 2016

Wonder Twin Powers…Activate! Okay, Marriott Starwood Merger Finalized

Good morning readers. I hope my Wonder Twin reference wasn’t lost in translation. But just to keep the ball rolling, Marriott, you can be Zan and Starwood, you can be Jayna. Hey Marriott, I know, being a bucket of water or a bucket of ice…or a bucket of shaved ice (I’ll take strawberry) isn’t very cool (no pun intended), but it is very functional. Just like the brand and the hotels. Starwood, you get to be a sleek panther, a majestic eagle or a not-so-cuddly shark. You have the style and variety. No wonder Zan is always looking to fist bump.

Wait, what am I even talking about?

Marriott Starwood Merger

Alright, enough shnanigans for one post. Today, a little birdy told me that June will mark the completion of the Marriott Starwood merger that we learned about back in April 2016 from Arne Sorenson, Marriott International President & CEO.

This is good news as both stockholders and customers will begin to see a few things:

  • The way forward on properties and branding (will they get rid of some brands, expand others, etc.)
  • How to manage a large workforce/where will the cuts come from and when (most mergers eventually have some cuts)
  • When will the merger make money
  • What the future loyalty program will look like (valuation of points, hotel levels, elite tier benefits, etc.)

That is just a small sample of the corporate decisions that have to be made moving forward. I, for one, welcome our new Marriott-Starwood overlords and hope that they have mercy on we mere mortals when they choose to merge loyalty plans. As for everything else, well, let’s hope it goes better than Zan and Jayna in their adventures.


What are your thoughts? The Marriott Starwood merger is a go, there’s no stopping it, but what do you look forward to?