Microsoft Band Delayed

Time After Time

If  you or I ordered the Microsoft Band and the Jawbone UP3 in November of 2014 we would still be waiting. Months later, both are on back-order. Let me say that again, back-ordered. Yes, I am talking about the same wearable tech that was to be the digital belle of the ball during Christmas is a no-show.

Out of stock since November 2014.
Out of stock since November 2014.

Who does that?

Jawbone and Microsoft.

Now I have already mentioned Jawbone and their late-to-the-party UP3 so now my focus is on Microsoft. Microsoft, a tech behemoth that should be able to crank out any type of gadget the way a private Firefox window pumps out NSFW searches. On the plus side, the marketers got it right. They chose the right colors, the right verbiage and even did a decent job of branding despite having belonging to Microsoft. Unfortunately, they were about 6 months ahead of schedule. Meanwhile, the production side of the house is still struggling to fill orders. To give credit where credit is due, Microsoft did have an initial batch for early adopters of which I was not one.

On a professional note, this is in extremely poor taste. If I was a stockholder, I would be looking for someone’s head. You either go the normal route which is to release your marketing team into the wild with your product ready. Fairly standard. Think almost any and every product your buy, you see a commercial or advert for it and you go to the store and it is there. Or you go the Apple route and don’t say anything until you are good and ready and publicize a release date. They do this for all products with either a “available today” or “available on X-date”.


What’s Next?

I am not sure. Unlike Jawbone who puts a nice little message that you will have to wait 10-11 years weeks. That is little comfort to us that are ready to part ways with our hard-earned cash in order to adorn our wrist with the latest in fitness wearable tech. If there is someone that knows a guy or gal that knows another guy or gal at Jawbone or Microsoft and could send me a loaner to review for two (2) weeks, that would be grand. At least it would give me and all 247 readers something to think about during our wait.


I have read mixed reviews overall from ‘not bad’, to ‘so-so’, to ‘I’ll pass’. What I would like is to get my hands on one and really put it through a few weeks of testing. The problem I see with most reviewers is that they are fairly sedentary creatures (like most of America) with only a few that do extracurricular activities. Me, I workout five days a week and still commit to a 70% desk 30% outdoor job; a good balance I think and I can put it through a bit more of a rigorous test. Runs, weights, CrossFit, sleep, shower, and shave…a well rounded test bed…that’s what I am.

Just in case Jawbone or Microsoft is listening.

Photo Credit: The Verge