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My Starbucks Rewards Goes Revenue Based in April 2016

You Have To Pay To Play With Starbucks Rewards

I feel like I’m in the ‘Situation Room’ because this is breaking news! And a hit to the pocketbook. Twitter user @SbuxGeek leaked a pamphlet that brings the coffee-drinking world to a halt. This pamphlet is either real or a great, but painful Adobe InDesign project. Regardless, it goes over what could be a very big change to the My Starbucks Rewards program.

Is any rewards program sacred anymore?

I’m not sure who to blame for this. Surely Delta’s monetizing every aspect of a passenger’s experience could be the spark that started the fire, but heck, we will never truly know.

Read And Weep…Or Joy

Dear Members,

This April we’re making our rewards program even better.

We’re introducing the #1 member-requested update: more Stars awarded based on what you buy at Starbucks, no matter how often you visit. That means giving you more Stars for every dollar you spend on everything you love-coffee, mugs, drinks, food and more.

We’re making other improvements too, removing Welcome level so all new members see Green-lelvel benefit right away. And we’re adding more ways to collect Stars, like Double-Star Days for Gold members every month.

It all starts this April-so you can earn your way to rewards faster.


Starting early April, you’ll earn 2 stars for every $1 you spend, every time you visit.


On launch day, the Stars in your current account will multiply to reflect the update. Be sure to check your email in the upcoming weeks for more information on what this change means for you, plus ways to make the most of your current Stars when the new program launches.Starbucks, Inc.

Keep in mind, none of this has been verified by Starbucks, just a piece of literature on Twitter.

Dare To Compare

Today April
Stars Earned 1 Star per visit 2 Stars per $1 spent
Stars Per Level 30 Stars to Gold level 300 Stars to Gold level
Stars for Reward 12 Stars for a free reward in Gold level 125 Stars for a free reward in Gold level
Reward Tiers Welcome, Green & Gold levels Green & Gold levels


I rarely go to Starbucks and relied on breaking up an order to earn multiple stars. It was a simple and easy way to generate stars. Order online your drink and then walk through the line and get your food. It was an easy way to get multiple stars and even better when there was a Star Dash. Ultimately this kills it for me. I’m not a big spender on tea at Starbucks that I can get at the supermarket.

On the other hand, those that didn’t have the time to plan out their Starbucks spending…or maybe just didn’t know how to do it, will see rewards of their labor. There are plenty of folks I know that wouldn’t try my recommended method and would simply go to Starbucks, get six coffees (that’s like $30) and head back to the office. They will love that they can walk away with 60 stars in one fatal swoop.

Big spenders, rejoice. Of course, that is exactly what this program is designed to do, make you spend more. It’s almost a carrot-on-the-stick approach except it’s a bigger carrot, some length of stick. You wanted to small carrot, but now you definitely want the larger one.


Will the new changes to the Starbucks Rewards program work in your favor? Do you mind spending the extra cash for a free drink? Is it even worth the effort?

Back to you Wolf.