Where is Your Jawbone UP3?

Update: CES 2015 has come and gone and no words of wisdom on what is the reason for the delay. Limited production? Hardware issues? Software issues? The world isn’t waiting.

I wold love to talk about the importance of being earnest with a product release and delivery, but there is just not enough time in the day. Maybe later. For now, I want to know, who has received a Jawbone UP3? I have seen a few reviews and I want to take it for a spin myself and put it through the wringer, but alas shipping times went from 2-3 weeks to 6-7 weeks prior to the promised end-of-year ship date. If you visit the online store now, it sits at a whopping 10-11 weeks.


That is just insane. By now, this post is not just a personal observation, but a friendly reminder to those that ordered. The proverbial check is ‘almost’ in the mail.

So, what is all the fuss about? Back in day, and by that I mean 05 November 2014, Jawbone proudly released their next big thing; the Jawbone UP3.

“A patented multi-sensor platform that collects and analyzes a wide range of biometric signals, delivering actionable insights specific to you”

Yes, the Internets were all aflutter about this new gadget that we did not know we needed, but desired nonetheless. In fact, even I jumped on the bandwagon briefly discussing the Microsoft Band and the Jawbone UP3 (see my post on ‘Fitness, Tech, and First World Problems here). That reminds me, maybe I should look at the band.

My personal experience with the Jawbone family has been mixed. I think I started with the Jawbone Era earpiece and then went to the Jambox Mini, which is still a great piece of mobile sound tech. Lastly, and the most frustrating, is the original Jawbone UP. I am pretty active and I like my gadgets to be durable, flexible, water resistant (just like they say on the package and not just a great idea to put on the packaging from some eager intern who’s only activity that involves sweat is walking up the steps of their local Starbucks). No offense to Starbucks, I like popping in every so often for a tea and free wi-fi.

But I digress. Yes, I went through the original and two replacement Jawbone UPs within a year. Not to say I abused them, but it has to be able to hold up to 20-40 miles of running, Crossfit, and a few strength training activities a week. Not to mention enduring actual sweat. Other smaller complaints would be:

  • Losing the cap is like looking for a baby aspirin in a blizzard
  • It kind of pokes out when wearing it with some long-sleeved shirts
  • The button is as durable as marshmallow hammer.

Okay, a bit of exaggeration on the last one, but I am pressing the button a minimum of three on/off cycles a day. Once for my workout, once for running, once for sleeping. With all that said, most of the people I work with have started looking into similar fashionable wearables. So I guess I am a walking billboard on some level. Same thing happen with FiveFingers until they stopped making my size. Sigh.

So, should I pull the trigger or would it even matter at this point? I like being the first on the block, heck in the city to have the latest and greatest, but since I didn’t pull the trigger back in November, half the state will have it before me. Not only that, I am not sure I want to drop $180 on the first gen device.

The good news is that it looks like the button is gone and that it is real-world sweat resistant. That gives me hope.

What are you thoughts? Did you order one? Do you happen to know the right people and have one in your possession?

Reveal all in the comment section below.