Win Finnair Plus Points By Running

Earn Finnair Plus Points With Suunto Movescount

A Trip Down Memory Lane

It has been too long since I last spoke about the Finnish aviation king, Finnair. When I last wrote of Finnair, I lauded their great customer service, sleek premium economy digs, and the chic lounge. It was such a memorable experience that I didn’t want to do it again for fear of disappointment. Fortunately, I won’t have to sully such a great memory to earn Finnair Plus Points. Points which are rumored to be made by hand by little Finnish elves on unicorns. Yes, my friends, Finnair becomes more magical with each sentence.

Isn’t Finland Already Too Healthy? Or Is This A Friendly Hint For Me To Slow Down On The Papas Fritas?

OECD Health Statistics 2014 report (PDF link) that Finland had an increase in obesity from 11.2% in 2000 to 15.8% in 2012. That may be a sign of concern for our beloved Finnish friends, but it’s small potatoes compared with the United States coming in at almost 35%. Heck, my adopted state of Tennessee comes in #2 for highest adult diabetes rates (2014), #5 for obese 10-17 year-olds (2011), #4 for obese high schoolers (2013), and #14 for adult obesity in the United States (, 2016). I know we like to win, but this is one race I would rather sit out; sitting too much being one of our issues.

Seriously folks, I have a hard time believing Finnish people are out of shape but do not worry. Finnair and watchmaker Suunto are here to rescue us from the vat of boiling oil where only lonely, disfigured pieces of dough can survive before being waterboarded with icing. I know folks, sounds horrible, but I have seen the horrors, and sadly, I enjoy it. Those disfigured pieces of tortured dough become delicious apple fritters. Maybe, just maybe I don’t want to be saved; so sweet, so delicious.

Finnair Plus points

Win Finnair Plus points by running!

You can read about how to earn up to 50,000 Finnair Plus Points directly from the Finnair website here. The contest rules can be found here.

Finnair Plus and Suunto have joined forces to offer you an inspiring way to be more active and to win Finnair Plus points at the same time. The campaign starts 30 June and is on until 31 October 2016, and is divided into four running periods. Each month we’ll draw several lucky winners, who can win a total of 10,000,000 Finnair Plus award points during the campaign. The amount of points you can win is based on how many kilometres you run, and for each run you earn one lottery ticket for the next draw – so the more you run, the better chance you have of winning!

Finnair Plus points
This infographic makes it look so easy!

You can use Finnair Plus points for award flights and travel class upgrades as well as a wide variety of products and services from our Finnair Plus partners.

Sign up by following the instructions below to link your Finnair Plus and Suunto Movescount accounts. You can track your runs with the free Suunto Movescount app or a Suunto GPS watch (Suunto Ambit, Suunto Traverse and upcoming Suunto Spartan watches) synced to your Suunto Movescount account.

Earning Finnair Plus points is measured in four separate periods. I have already missed the first period and I am not sure if I want to run 50km (31 miles) in five days:

  1. First running period: 30 June–31 July 2016
  2. Second running period: 1–31 August 2016
  3. Third running period 1–30 September 2016
  4. Fourth running period: 1–31 October 2016


Sadly, the only Suunto watch I have is an 8-yearl-old Sunnto Core which doesn’t get any use due to its lack of GPS. I’m currently using the Garmin fenix 3. No, not the HR version, that would be too convenient. I purchased this watch just three months before they released their HR version. The agony. How many watches am I supposed to buy Garmin! I only have two wrists.

In other news, even if you run ten marathons, you still might not reap Finnair Plus points, but you will have the resting heart rate in the office.

But I digress.

So, has anyone taken advantage of this offer? Have you become a chosen one and earned a bucket of Finnair Plus points? The comment section is open for business.